My name is 
Bo Orlowski.

I have been playing Pop Warner Football since I was 8. My first team was the Expo's coached by Frank Barraza.  My first year of tackle football was coached by Greg Mungia on the Lords.   This will be my last year of Pop Warner, and I am on the Pistons.

I have been the starting quarterback each year in Pop Warner.  I have led my team in scoring 4 out of 5 years too!

I look forward to a good season, and will be getting ready to start my High School years at Hamilton High School next season. 

When I'm not playing or practicing football, you'll probably find me either out shooting my rifles or on my computer.  I love Warcraft III and Jedi Knights II, specially over the internet (isn't cable internet just GREAT!!).

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Bo Orlowski
Bo  Orlowski
Starting QB, Chandler Deacons
Me, my cousin Annie & my sister Brittany
Me and my M1A
Me at the Casa Grande Ruins, Arizona
My sister  Brittany
On the RUN!